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Festival Season

Festival season has truly kicked off with the likes of Glastonbury, Parklife and V-Festival all getting the ball rolling this summer.

With Reading, Leeds, Creamfields, Bestival and a whole host of other food, drink and alternative music events still to come, we recommend the usage of an artificial grass surface to create a unique, no maintenance space.

Travelling to festivals

Many people choose to travel to festivals in campervans, and owners could benefit from using artificial grass in their vehicle. While you can’t escape the inevitable mud at a festival, installing removable pieces of artificial grass carpet will mean that your van stays protected from muddy feet, allowing you to quickly and easily remove the carpet and wash the dirt off.

Mud free festivals

When it comes to festival and event flooring, artificial grass could prove to be a useful solution. Hard wearing and fully porous, artificial turf won’t be worn away into muddy puddles just because of a bit of rain and heavy footfall at an event.

Natural turf is notorious for quickly transforming into a muddy bog at festivals, and organisers often end up footing the bill for repairs after the fun is over. While it won’t prevent those really deep puddles, artificial grass will stay a great deal drier than its natural counterpart, saving you time, money and keeping revellers clean and comfortable.

Festival décor

You don’t even have to use artificial grass in the traditional way at your festival. Why not use versatile fake turf as a stage decoration or spice up stalls and attractions with this natural looking decorative option?

AGD is perfect for any area of any size and is guaranteed to stay looking green, gorgeous and no maintenance for an astonishing 20 years! Take a look at our range of natural looking turf or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous and want to stand out from the crowd, why not go for one our fantastic coloured grasses.

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