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Fake Grass is More Popular Than Ever!

Fake Grass is More Popular Than Ever as Gardeners Turn to Artificial Means to Keep Their Lawns Green During the Drought

It comes as British Association of Landscape Industries warns turf farmers and landscapers will go bust this summer as they are not allowed to use hose pipe to keep real lawns alive.

This will mean that new housing developments and roads are kept bare, rather than being planted with trees and turf because it is impossible to keep the plants alive. Landscapers, architects and even households are turning to fake grass to keep their gardens looking presentable and green throughout the summer months!

It is a key benefit of fake grass that it requires no watering making it the garden feature of choice!

Most of the east of England from Scarborough down to Kent and across the Midlands and South West are officially in drought.

Seven water companies in the south and east have imposed hosepipe bans with gardeners facing a £1,000 fine for watering the lawn.This daunting fine is something that none of us can afford following such a deep recession!

Here at Artificialgrass-Direct we focus on fighting the recession with great prices that wont leave you strapped for cash. Our grasses will last up to 20year depending on the footfall on the grass giving you no reason to dread the droughts! Our grasses are also 100% UV stabilised so when the sun does come out you wont have to worry about water shortages or your fake grass turning grey! Its a win win situation!


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