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Experts Predict There Will Be No Drinking Water Available in California

The lack of water in California has been subject to much talk over the last couple of years, but now experts have estimated that there will be less than a year’s worth of drinking water in California.

The drastic change in water restrictions, has led the public to scrutinise the celebrities who live in Los Angeles over their consumption of water.

When you hear that the city and state that you live in, is running out of water and emergency laws have been put into place to conserve water, what would you do? Many people have avoided flushing toilets, only bathing once a day, demolishing their pools, and of course, not watering their lawns. Whether they have resorted to this change in lifestyle because they love their state, or purely because they do not want to pay a fine, we do not know.

However, the majority of celebrities that live in California have not taken the water restrictions seriously. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Barbara Strisand and Hugh Hefner are only a few, of many celebrities that believe their usage of water consumption will not affect the environment, as their lawns are a perfect shade of green and their swimming pools are filled with pure blue water.

The photos uploaded by the Daily Mail caused outrage and upset amongst the world and Californians. The fact that the fine for using too much water is a measly $100 is not a large enough amount of money for the celebrities to worry about losing in order to maintain a perfect lawn.

Other celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Lady Gaga, William Shatner and Sharon Osbourne have taken a different route to the celebrities listed above. Shatner launched a campaign in order to fund a pipeline from Seattle to California, and Lady Gaga has donated $25,000. These generous donations and ideas will hopefully allow California to increase their water levels, however with other people not taking the news as seriously, we will just have to see what 2016 has in store for California.

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