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Drought Set to Continue!

Drought Set to Continue to Christmas, Despite All The Rain!

Despite the recent rain and forecasts that the wet weather will continue until  the end of April, the Environment Agency emphasized that the drought may continue until Christmas because the water is being sucked up by growing plants rather than soaking into the ground.

Tony Smith, the garden designer, said fake grass is much more real than it used to be and more environmentally friendly than tarmac or paving because it is permeable, meaning water goes back into the ground rather than adding to the problem of surface water flooding.

He pointed out that most lawns are a ‘monoculture’ that do not provide much for wildlife anyway and can be costly for the environment because of the use of weed-killer, fertilizer, fuel for mowing and most of all water.

He even said fake grass could be environmentally friendly – unless it is  replacing meadow or planting rich in biodiversity.

“In the last six months, with the drought, people have been looking for something that doesn’t need the water input. Watering the lawn, feeding it,  weed-killing it and mowing it is pretty close to offsetting the impact of  making artificial grass – and as water becomes more and more scarce it could be seen as environmentally friendly.”

Already academics have warned that in the future lawns will become a sign of  ‘moral decadence’ as frequent droughts in the South East will make it  unacceptable to use a huge amount of water for upkeep.

Instead gardeners are turning to alternatives that need less maintenance.

Ref: The Daily Telegraph, 20th April


This is yet another reason to get on the Artificial Grass band wagon! Along with the no mud mess and maintenance it also requires no watering. Artificial Grass is the easiest way to fight the drought!


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