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DIY: How to Host Your Own Festival

If you sat on the sofa watching Glastonbury this year, saying how much you really want to go to a festival, why not make your own? We’ve put together a guide on creating your perfect garden festival.

All festivals need it’s very own festival committee so gather round your nearest and dearest to put together ideas for your garden festival. For example; the name of the event, the food, the decor and the music are all important things you’ll need to discuss in order to cater to all tastes. Get a huge piece of paper and write down all of your ideas – once this is done you could put together a map of where you want everything to sit in the garden. You may even want to give out job titles such as Entertainment Manager or Catering Manager!

Once all your ideas are in place, it’s time to start planning. Make sure you give yourself a couple of weeks to make sure entertainers are available and that most importantly your guests can save the date.

If you don’t want to spend the day before mowing your lawn, you could opt for Artificial Grass. This will look perfect all year round and wellies won’t be needed at your festival. Spend the extra time putting your feet up in the garden before your festival starts.

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