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Create Your Perfect Garden

Close your eyes and picture what you wish your perfect garden would look like. Now, wouldn’t it be great if you could turn that vision into reality?

The Artificial Grass Direct team are here to help make your dreams happen.


We offer a variety of different colours depending on how you want your garden to look at. If you desire a deep green, a light green or a natural green, the choice is all yours! If you want to be adventurous and different, we also offer coloured artificial grass. Having grass with colour is a great way to make children enjoy playing outside more, as the colours are fun, new and exciting.


Everybody is attracted to different styles of grass, which is why we have a variety for you to choose from. You can opt for shorter trimmed grass, longer trimmed grass or grass that is perfect for children to play on. The options are endless. Simply click on the type of grass you wish to view on our website to learn more about each style.


With artificial grass, we are able to create a design relevant to your needs. However, we do have pictures for you to look at on our website so you can gather ideas if you are struggling. If you have a specific idea and design that you have decided on, just give us a call or email and we will start the process of giving you your dream garden.

Choosing a type of grass is always a difficult task, which is why we offer to send you free samples. This way you are able to see the colour and feel the texture at your leisure.