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Cotswold Village Replaces Village Green With Artifical Grass

Artificial grass hit the headlines again as Cotswold beauty spot replaces village green with artificial turf.

The picture perfect village of Bourton-on-the-Water in Gloucestershire, took the decision to make the swap in a bid to combat wear and tear to the verges along the River Windrush, which gives the village its nickname of “The Venice of the Cotswolds.” The problem arises every year as tourists flock to the pretty shaded greens to take photographs and sit beside the river, however the high footfall has taken its toll on the natural verges.

Councillors finally approved the vote after a busy summer where they spent around £1,000 repairing the damage that had left the ground ‘threadbare.’

Council member Richard Johnes pointed out that the new artificial green was a much cheaper selection for many of the problem areas.

“If this is successful, we are not intending to returf the whole green with artificial turf,” he said. “We’re just throwing about £1,000 on some of these patches. This is a material that’s used quite widely nowadays. You’ll find it at Wimbledon. It’s accepted as an alternative to grass that wears out quickly.”

He went on to say how happy he was with the result and the positive effect it’s had on the village green.

“The feedback we’ve had so far has been very positive. The fact people have been walking past without noticing it’s artificial is excellent. “I think it’s blended in remarkable well. We will just wait and see how the trial period progresses before we make a decision about other problem areas.“

Fellow councillor Helen Macklin agreed, pointing out: “In Australia, it’s used all the time. It’s fantastic.”

The hardwearing artificial grass will save the village huge repair bills, as it is unlikely that the turf will now need replacing for another 10 years.