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Buyers Guide to Artificial Turf

Buying and installation of artificial turf can be really simple and by following a few rules you can soon start to enjoy a beautiful lawn that you can use all year round.

There are a vast number of grasses on the market and like with most things, you get what you pay for in terms of quality.

It is recommended that you contact the supplier and ask for a free sample so you can really see what it is you are investing in.

Check with the company about the best way to fit your grass, there are several different methods dependant on the surface that you are covering.

Do your price comparisons base on square metres costs.

Check delivery prices

When you receive the samples you need to be looking a few key areas:

The length of the pile – what is going to suit your needs? A shorter pile is great for pets; longer piles have a bit more bounce so good for children.

The density of the pile

Look at the realism of the grass

Ensure that the grass is porous – there should be drainage holes in the backing

The ranges of grasses come in three main categories:

Economy – these can still come in multi-tones but do tend to be a shorter pile

Midrange – Again multi-tones but with a longer and denser pile. They also have a thatch within the pile to add realism

Superior – these are a lot denser, longer pile, deeper thatch and with new technology may have additional features such as memory pile to reduce flattening.

Preparation of the ground that you are covering is paramount to a successful lawn installation – see the DIY guide on the website.

For children’s areas, it is worth thinking about the installation of shock pad under the grass, which is an underlay that meets critical fall heights