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Fake Grass is More Popular Than Ever!

Fake Grass is More Popular Than Ever as Gardeners Turn to Artificial Means to Keep Their Lawns Green During the Drought It comes as British Association of Landscape Industries warns turf farmers and landscapers will go bust this summer as they are not allowed to use hose pipe to keep real lawns alive. This will…

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Beautiful Lawns All Year Round

Beautiful Lawns All Year Round There are many reasons why people are turning to Artificial Lawns; Our changing climate, busier lives, the properties we live in and a practical solution for children or pets that can obliterate your lawn, leaving it tired muddy and out of action for when you need it most, the summer…

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History of Artificial Grass

History of Artificial Grass David Chaney – who moved to Raleigh, North Carolina in 1960 and later served as Dean of the North Carolina State University College of Textiles – headed the team of Research Triangle Park researchers who created the first notable artificial turf. That accomplishment led Sports Illustrated to declare Chaney as the man “responsible…

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About Artificial Grass

Artificial grass Artificial grass / artificial turf is a surface manufactured from synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass. It is most often used in arenas for sports that were originally or are normally played on grass. However, it is now being used on residential lawns and commercial applications as well. The main reason is…

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