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Artificial Lawns Are Fast Becoming the Top Choice

As you stroll around Biddulph Grange (a National Trust landscaped garden in the heart of Cheshire), it is hard not to be greatly impressed by the beautifully maintained grass areas. One particular patch in a very shaded, the damp area will be sure to catch your eye. The National Trust are renowned for their green-fingered gardeners but this really is perfection. How, in God’s green earth, have they achieved this glorious Wembley Stadium quality lawn in what was essentially a bog? On closer inspection, the shocking truth becomes clear. This was not the type of grass befitting England’s finest football ground; this was the artificial variety.

As it turns out, artificial lawns are fast becoming a luxury choice. Gone are the days of that tragic, luminous, vegetable stall style’ lawnage’ you often found draped around cheap hotel swimming pools. Say hello to a far more prestigious product and of course, a far more prestigious clientele. If the darling gardeners of the National Trust are willing to use it, should we be considering it in our humble little back gardens?

The big suppliers of artificial grass make big claims, it “gives you the perfect lawn” but what is that? Well, the idea of perfection will be very different depending on where it is going. If you have a very wet or dry garden, artificial grass may be the answer to your prayers. It is soft, hardwearing and will not be damaged by our temperamental British weather. Equally, with no watering or feeding required to maintain its good looks, suppliers claim it is kinder to the environment.

If you have issues with your bleak back garden, have been wishing for Wembley Stadium but currently, things look more like a soggy Sunday league pitch, take a leaf from our National Trust garden. To transform your backyard, you need to follow these simple rules. Choose the right grass, don’t gamble on an inferior product. Get advice on the correct grass for your garden conditions and usage.  Prepare the area well – you need to dig out the topsoil, lay down sand and compact it down well. When you lay your grass leave it for 24 hours before securing as it needs time to settle into its new position.

It is highly unlikely that these new artificial ranges will be appearing beneath the feet of England’s international football stars; saying that, it could do wonders for your own little patch of grass. Equally, the money and time you save on the upkeep of your new garden could be spent on far more wholesome fun – a few beers and a family barbeque perhaps? In this day and age time is precious, conceivably mowing the grass on a Sunday will be as distant a memory as England winning the World Cup.