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Artificial Lawn Care in Autumn

As the season has edged more and more into autumn this month, you may have noticed a number of changes taking place in your garden.

As the days get shorter and every morning gets colder, autumn weather can often destroy otherwise well maintained gardens.

For those with an artificial grass lawn, you will benefit from its low maintenance all year round, meaning that whatever the weather decides to do this autumn your lawn will be protected.

While artificial grass is extremely low maintenance, there are still things you can do to ensure your fake lawn stays looking its best this season.

Read on for the 3 most common ways autumn can affect your artificial lawn and tips on how you can prevent it from spoiling.

1.    Moss and weeds

Autumn inevitably means that your garden will be much more susceptible to falling leaves which can build up on the surface.

Keep turf in good condition by giving it a regular brush or rake to remove leaves before they rot, creating the ideal condition for weeds or moss to grow.

2.    Water build up

Build up of leaves and debris during autumn can also affect the drainage of your artificial lawn, leaving water to pool on the surface. It is essential that they are therefore removed on a regular basis by raking or leaf blowing.

3.    Frost

Sudden autumn frosts are not uncommon in the UK. AGD grass should not be damaged by sharp a frost if it is left to melt., but if you want to achieve a frost-free garden, use a plastic snow shovel instead of your hands as this could cause a ‘tearing’ effect on the fibres.

Autumn care doesn’t need to be a chore if you follow these simple rules. With almost zero maintenance, artificial grass gives you the luxury to enjoy this crisp, colourful season – just keep an eye on the amount of leaves falling on your lawn, and it should stay looking fresh and clean all autumn long!