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Artificial Grass Mats Revolution! Don’t Go Coco Coir!


Mats: Muddy feet have been the bane of my mother’s life for as long as I can remember! “WIPE YOUR FEET” was all you could ever hear as you walked through the door, like a sixth sense she would always know who it’s was and how muddy there feet were!

We must have had tens and hundreds of coconut coir mats when I was growing up, each lasting just over a few months until they frayed or bent again and again, each of a different variety and design. Ones with dogs ones with cats, big ones, small ones, round ones and square ones the list was endless.

The coconut mats always did the trick although not without their problems. Wiping your feet may save the mud from the rest of the house but it does not save the dust! For my brother, highly asthmatic, this was the first of many problems with the coconut mat. The rough texture scraped our knees and elbows on many occasions and having a muddy matt sitting inside the house was not the look of an ideal home!

Not to say my childhood was a troubled one, but growing up in the presence of coconut coir mats drastically altered my perception of them! Upon getting my own cosy flat, one that I am very proud of; muddy feet also became high on my awareness list! I was turning into my mother, but I still couldn’t bring myself to go coco!

That is when I decided to take the plunge and search for alternative options online. Coir seemed to be the most popular search result, along with cotton which I decided was just not durable enough! That is when I heard rumours of a new era of door mat at my friend Susan’s coffee morning. They were not just rumours, there was hard solid evidence.

A smart natural looking synthetic grass mat, that sits outside your front door, drain’s water effectively, easy to hose down and is soft and plush like REAL turf!! I was sceptical at first but I have now had my artificial grass door mat for two weeks and it’s a god send! I can honestly say this was one of the most amazing products I have ever come across. Artificial grass for homes is the future!

Between us we bought eight mats that morning from! They are not only better quality and more durable but believe it or not cheaper too! So, on behalf of myself and my mother (who now has two!), I would just like to thank Artificial Grass Direct and Susan for introducing me to such a wonderful fake grass mat. Mat One-Mud Nil!