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Artificial Grass – Jargon Buster

As soon as you make the decision to install artificial grass, it’s likely that you will come across a number of terms, some of which you might not understand.

We are happy for you to ask us as many questions as you’d like about your new turf, but for now here are some common terms that you may come across while shopping for artificial grass.

Fibre shape – The fibre shape is a similar concept to the ‘blade’ of natural grass. You may come acrossS’, ‘U’ or even ‘diamond’ shaped fibres in different ranges of artificial grass.

Jointing – If you need to join one or more roll of artificial grass together, you will probably require jointing.

Metre squared – This measurement indicates the area of artificial grass being sold. Most of our turf is priced, and sold, in square metres (m2).  To order your required length of grass, simply add the amount in cm, e.g. 125m = 125cm, and it will be added to your shopping cart.

No maintenance – When it comes to artificial grass, no maintenance really means no maintenance! Unlike a natural lawn, artificial grass stays looking lush and green all year round without watering, fertilising or mowing.

Pile colour – This indicates what colour the blades of grass are in a roll of artificial turf. Some of our ranges use a natural blend of green tones while others are brighter and more vivid.

Pile height – This indicates how long the blades of grass are in a roll of artificial turf. There are characteristic pile heights for different ranges. For example, our budget range Greenscene has a pile height of just 10mm whereas the luxurious Woodland Chase range is much longer at 30mm.

Roll width – This simply describes the two widths that our artificial grass comes in. You are able to choose from either a 2m or 4m roll width.

Thatch– Thatch can give your artificial grass an increasingly natural look, making it appear fuller and more realistic. Brown toned thatch strands contrast with the green pile and appear like real root growth.

Weed membrane – Weed membranes prevent weed growth coming through your artificial lawn. They are usually installed between the sand base and the turf itself.

If you have any other questions regarding artificial grass please head to our FAQ’s page or get in touch with a member of our friendly team!