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Artificial Grass is Kids Play!

Artificial Grass Direct knows that playtime is the best part of growing up for any child. Whether it’s at home or at school, outdoor games are some of the most cherished memories we make in our younger years. From ‘What’s The Time Mr Wolf’ to Hide and Seek or Bulldogs, children’s games are still as popular as ever and often much more engaging than sitting in front of their TV or computer.

So why don’t you give them the perfect place to run, hide and play and install artificial grass in your garden? Because with an artificial lawn installed by us, children can have hours of fun while parents needn’t worry about injury to either child or lawn! Artificial grass is not only soft and non abrasive but you can even put extra protective shock pads that will give you that extra cushioning in case of any slips or falls.

Artificial Grass Direct’s  “rainbow range” makes grass even more exciting! Install an imaginative play area with different shapes, paths and colours and let the kid’s imagination do the rest of the work.

Busy modern life means that kids just aren’t able to play in the street like they used to, so make the most of your garden and enjoy the benefits of no mud, no mess and no maintenance at the same time. The days of kids running in the house with mud and grass stained clothes are finally over, whatever the weather throws at it artificial grass is the ideal solution as rainwater simply drains straight through.

It’s obvious! More and more families are turning to Artificial Grass Direct to add colour, brightness and variety to their garden and with many of our ranges now in the sale, there’s never been a better time to make the switch to artificial grass