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Artificial Grass Hits The Headlines…

‘1 in 4 homes don’t have grass…’

A recent survey revealed that more than one in four homes don’t have grass. The survey, conducted by Alfresia, shows that people are moving towards a home with artificial grass, or with no grass at all. Whether it is due to the demanding maintenance throughout the year, or using their outdoor space as a patio, more than 25% of people within the United Kingdom have decided ‘real’ grass isn’t for them.

‘Artificial Grass Loves NY’

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York placed an artificial grass lawn on the roof. Not only does the artificial grass not need maintenance, it also looks exquisite. People are able to sit or lay down on the turf without becoming uncomfortable. Using artificial grass on the top of the Met is not only a more modern approach to making the place look unique, but it also allows people to escape reality whilst look down upon the manic city centre.

‘Californians face fines for watering lawns during drought’

Since the drought took place in California, artificial grass installation increased by 500%. People, who live in California, could face fines for using too much water when watering their lawn and they are also only allowed to water their lawns throughout certain hours of the day. This has resulted in people realising the benefits of having an artificial garden, as no water and little maintenance is needed to keep the colour a perfect green. Google trends also stated that California ranked #1 for searching artificial grass in 2014.

‘Artificial grass saves doggy day centre’

The owner of a doggy day centre in Derbyshire believes that artificial grass is a saviour for her garden! The owner cares for up to 30 dogs a day, and her garden was becoming a nightmare. The mud and holes overruled the grass. Since she switched to artificial grass, the dogs do not know the difference, and her lawn looks brand new every day.

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