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Artificial Grass Gives Huge Boost to Grassroots Football

Here at AGD we often speak to clients who come to us looking to improve their sporting facilities.

Without appropriate funding, community organisations can really suffer. Bad quality facilities, poor playing surfaces, and lack of appropriate coaching can have a huge effect on participation and deter the next generation of talent from taking part in their favourite sport.

This could all be about to change, as a total of 80 grassroots football facilities are set to benefit from £17.7m worth of funding from the Premier League and The FA Facilities Fund.

The investment will help to develop new and existing community sports facilities with floodlit, all-weather artificial grass pitches and equip them with the tools to improve overall player experience.

A survey published last year by Sky Sports suggested that the poor state of natural grass pitches was having a huge impact on grassroots football in the country.

The findings revealed that out of the 2,500 players questioned:

  • 46% rated facilities as “poor” or “very poor”
  • 65% said local councils didn’t do enough to improve the state of pitches
  • 33% said that they were put off playing altogether due to poor playing surfaces

When asked how pitches could be improved, 28% suggested the installation of artificial grass pitches in the game.

Senior Football Association (FA) official, Peter Ackerly described many pitches run by local councils as “abhorrent” and went on to say that “There has to be a stronger push for artificial pitches,” at grassroots level.

It is hoped that the funding will give a huge boost to pitches across towns and cities across the UK, transforming the bare, patchy fields and mud pits which players are currently faced with, into durable, hard wearing artificial surfaces with proper drainage systems.

If your school, community or local football club is looking for an all-weather artificial sports pitch then AGD have the specifications to meet your requirements.

We invite you to join the hundreds of schools, colleges, and other sports facilities who’ve made the switch to artificial sports grass and see the difference for yourself! Get in touch for details.