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Artificial Grass For Pets

Artificial Grass For Pets

Is artificial grass pet friendly?

This is a common question and yes artificial grass is perfectly pet friendly and also has some great benefits for the owner too;

  • Artificial grass is robust and it also deters digging.
  • It is hygienic as once the poop has been scooped, a quick hose down with a mild household detergent remove any traces and odours
  • Unlike real grass your lawn will not become muddy so will save your house from dirty paws. Artificial grass allows rain water to drain away
  • Insects are not attracted to artificial grass so won’t bother your pets

Not only will your pet be happy but it also gives you a low maintenance, all year round garden to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Artificial grass is the latest crazy in America for pets, first it was pooches in bags well now its all about the designer dog runs that never get muddy! The new trend for pet owners, not only looks great but also looks amazing all year around no matter what the weather!

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