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How Does Artificial Grass Enhances High School Athletics

As high school sports programs progress into the 21st century, it is more and more common to find schools and colleges already playing on synthetic playing surfaces. The virtues of sports grass made up of artificial turf, i.e. low maintenance, long-lasting durability and cost-effectiveness are increasingly coming to the fore, but new studies now suggest that artificial grass actually enhances athletics. The use of artificial grounds for professional match play has been promoted by several sports governing bodies including the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) and International Hockey Federation (FIH)

Artificial grounds can be used for many differing areas in high school sports, including football pitches, tennis courts, hockey fields, basketball or netball courts, cricket and track fields.

Its increasing popularity could be due to the recent studies that have shown that artificial grass actually reduces player injury rates amongst athletes. Natural grass grew from seed naturally provides an uneven surface, and these invisible tripping hazards can result in major injuries. Artificial turf is ideal for areas that need a level-playing surface with low risks such as athletics areas.

Not only this, but synthetic grass is infilled with materials designed to reduce and absorb impact, reducing stress on joints and the number of injuries and enhancing player safety overall. Synthetic sports fields also tend to offer better traction and stability, meaning its usage in both practice and game situations can in fact enhance the student’s performance.

Most schools find themselves on limited budgets for sports, and simply can’t afford the upkeep of large natural sports fields. The time and money saved with artificial turf can’t be rivalled, all the while enhancing the performance and safety of the students.

Artificial Grass Direct invites you to join the hundreds of schools, colleges, and other professional sports facilities who’ve made the switch to synthetic sports grass and see the difference for yourself!