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Artificial Grass Direct Plans to Help Local Start-up Businesses

Plans have been put forward to turn a space here at Artificial Grass Direct HQ into four commercial properties aimed at local start-up companies who are looking to move into their own spaces whether this be for office use or retailers.

The planning application has been submitted to High Peak Borough Council and if given the green light will create 516 square metres of commercial space that would accommodate 11 members of staff, 7 parking spaces and the potential for secure bicycle parking for commuters.

Michael Tittershill, Director at AGD, has put forward the plans. Michael told us: 

The start-up units are designed to be functionally adaptable and could be easily utilised for office, retail or light industrial businesses. We believe that the proposed scheme will provide an exciting opportunity for local businesses looking to move into their own properties while providing more jobs in the local area in a sustainable format.

The proposed buildings will have bricks to match the tone of nearby residential properties, while the upper cladding references the industrial units in close proximity.

The space is located in Dove Holes close to Buxton with easy access to transport links to and from Manchester and across the High Peak meaning it would be an ideal location for commuters travelling along this route and in the surrounding areas.