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April Fools and Artificial Grass

April fools is a day many of us forget about, that is, until the 1st April springs upon us, and the gullible side of our personalities begins to show. Artificial Grass Direct produce such a high quality product, that the artificial grass looks so real… the jokes on them.

Why opt for artificial grass?

The main plus when switching to artificial grass is the little amount of maintenance that takes place throughout the year. Your grass stays a perfect length, colour and texture all year round, which results in you not needing to use fertilisers, pesticides or a lawnmower. Also, if you have pets, they are not able to tell the difference between real grass and artificial grass, but they are not able to make holes in artificial grass. This is a win-win scenario.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of why artificial grass is perfect for families, then feel free to click on the link.

Will my garden look fake?

The beauty of purchasing high quality artificial grass means that the end product looks realistic and professional. Still not convinced? Have a look through our gallery and testimonials to see the final results.

On our website, you are also able to choose the style of grass that appeals to you, and together, we can create a design and set goals to give you your perfect garden.

Will anybody notice?

One of the few things true in life is that you are guaranteed to have a nosy neighbour. Prepare to be stopped and questioned on tips and tricks about how you managed to get your lawn looking so perfect. If you do not mind gloating about your perfect lawn, then artificial grass is for you.

If you would like your garden to look perfect all year round, with little maintenance, call Artificial Grass Direct today.