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All I want For Christmas is a New Lawn

At this time of year we are bombarded on the TV, in the magazines and papers and on the radio with an endless list of beauty equipment , beauty products, fitness equipment and household gadgets we ‘must have’ for Christmas. However most of these things will have been consigned to the back of the cupboard by the end of February never to see the ‘light of day’ again.

So, instead of wasting money on this year’s ‘must have’ Christmas gifts, why not treat yourself and the family to a new lawn?!  Buying yourself an artificial lawn for Christmas has many benefits and it will give you years of pleasure.

Here are just a few of the benefits:-

A brand new artificial lawn will last for many years instead of just a few months like the latest Christmas fad

You can enjoy your garden all year round

Children can enjoy any new play equipment they get for Christmas without worrying about ruining the turf or getting muddy.

For the party animals among us, it means people can go into the garden to ‘cool down’ without you worrying about the dirty feet coming back inside.

You can make it a New Year’s resolution to get outside more and enjoy the garden with the family

If it’s a white Christmas you won’t have to worry about lawn damage.

An artificial lawn will also save you both money and time in the future, because they require very little maintenance-no mowing or feeding. You can even make some money when you sell your lawn mower and edge clippers!

At Artificial Lawns Direct we have a variety of different grades of artificial grass to suit all pockets.

Artificial Grass Direct Limited is continually developing and improving its range of grasses. Each product in the range is thoroughly tested to the highest performance standards ensuring consistency of quality, durability and colour stability over its life.

For more information on installing an artificial lawn in your garden this year, contact Artificial Lawn Direct on: 0845 322 8573