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1 in 10 Households Now Have Artificial Grass

A new survey has found that 1 in 10 homeowners now has artificial grass, with two-thirds stating they installed it because they don’t have enough time to mow the lawn.

With another three quarters of respondents saying that a lawn was a ‘burden’ it seems as though households are now choosing low maintenance alternatives such as paving, decking and artificial grass to cover their gardens.

1 in 4 revealed that they have no real grass in their garden whatsoever.

Craig Corbett from, the garden furniture website which carried out the survey, said: ‘As a time-poor nation, we’re constantly looking for ways to maintain our homes and outdoor space, with minimum effort and minimum cost.

‘Maintaining a lawn can take a lot of work. There’s mowing, fertilising and not forgetting the task of watering it when it hasn’t rained for a few days – taking up time that Brits don’t have.’

He added: ‘Of course, having a patio or decking fitted in the garden often means sacrificing some, if not all of the lawn space.

‘These garden fixtures are becoming increasingly common. Adults in the UK do not feel the same way about their lawns as they used to.’

Artificial grass has come on a long way since the AstroTurf of the 1960’s, with the third and current generation now safer, higher quality and more realistic than ever.

Tim Rumball, from Amateur Gardening magazine, recently stated: ‘Artificial grass these days looks great.

‘You cut it to shape, put it down and you have an instant lawn that you could display at Chelsea and it needs no maintaining.

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